La Corrida de Torero – torero in client/server mode

Con el protocolo de inauguración comenzó oficialmente el Carnaval Autlán 2024 We first took a look at torero in "standalone" or local mode. In this mode, torero helps you execute scripts from your repository as "services". This includes automatically building the required environment so all those steps to clone or update both your repository and READ MORE

Torero – Boots on the Ground Framework for Automation Sharing

Background One of the many useful things I came away with from AutoCon1 in Amsterdam was a "to-do" to investigate torero. Launched by Itential at NAF’s AutoCon1 as a community based product and presented to the AutoCon community by Peter Sprygada in Amsterdam, one has to take notice and I did. You can see Mr. READ MORE

Whoop Dee Doo for my SuzieQ!

or How I Gained Fabric Like Visibility on a Campus Network Without Any Upgrades Last Updated: 2024-05-19 The network automation landscape moves fast and there is always something you come across which sparks your interest, but sometimes all you can do is it make note of it and hope you have time later on to READ MORE

Getting Started with pyATS (and Genie)

What is Python Automated Test System (pyATS)? None of the answers I found to this question really made much sense to me initially. A Python3 based Test Automation and Validation Framework developed by Cisco (but open and extensible to any vendor) is probably the best short answer but still too vague. Add in Genie because, READ MORE