No Rest for SuzieQ

To be clear, it is true that SuzieQ never rests but it is also true that SuzieQ always RESTS, that is, the SuzieQ REST API is available to answer your network questions and help automate your network workflows. In my previous post about SuzieQ we focused on getting started and asking questions about our network READ MORE

Whoop Dee Doo for my SuzieQ!

or How I Gained Fabric Like Visibility on a Campus Network Without Any Upgrades Last Updated: 2024-05-19 The network automation landscape moves fast and there is always something you come across which sparks your interest, but sometimes all you can do is it make note of it and hope you have time later on to READ MORE

Decomposing Data Structures

Whether you are trying to find all the tenants in an ACI fabric, or all the interface IPs and descriptions on a network device, or trying to determine if the Earth is in imminent danger from an asteroid hurtling towards it, understanding complex data structures is a critical skill for anyone working with modern IT READ MORE